Celsius To Delisle

Celsius to Delisle Calculation and Formula

To convert a temperature from Celsius (°C) to Delisle (°De), use the following formula:


This formula reflects the Delisle scale’s design, where temperatures decrease as heat increases, unlike most other temperature scales.

Example of How To Convert Celsius to Delisle

To convert 30°C to Delisle using the formula:


Alternatively, you can use our Celsius to Delisle calculator on CalculationStation.tech for a quick conversion without manual calculations. Simply enter the Celsius value, and our calculator will instantly display the equivalent in Delisle.

Celsius to Delisle Table:

Here’s a conversion table for some common temperatures from Celsius to Delisle:

Celsius (°C)Delisle (°De)

About Celsius

Celsius, or centigrade, is a temperature scale where 0 degrees represents the freezing point of water and 100 degrees its boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure. Named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius, this scale is widely used worldwide for everyday temperature measurements.

About Delisle

The Delisle scale, developed by the French astronomer Joseph-Nicolas Delisle in 1732, is a thermometric scale where the boiling point of water is defined at 0 degrees and the freezing point at 150 degrees. The scale was used for a brief period in Russia and is now largely obsolete, replaced by more practical scales such as Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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