Draw A Perfect Square Game

Square Drawing Game

Square Drawing Game: Challenge Your Artistic Precision!

Welcome to the Square Drawing Game! Test your skills and precision in this fun and challenging game where the goal is to draw the perfect square. The game evaluates your drawing based on size and shape accuracy, giving you a score that reflects how close you are to perfection. It’s simple, engaging, and a great way to improve your drawing skills!

How to Play

  1. Start Drawing: Click and hold the mouse button to start drawing.
  2. Draw the Square: Move the mouse to draw the square shape.
  3. Complete the Drawing: Release the mouse button to finish your drawing.
  4. Get Your Score: After releasing the mouse button, the game evaluates your drawing and displays a perfection score.

Scoring System

The game evaluates your square based on two main factors:

  1. Size Accuracy: How close the width and height of your drawing are to each other.
  2. Shape Accuracy: How closely the points form a square shape.

The final score is a combination of these factors, ensuring that you need both a consistent size and shape to achieve a high score. The score ranges from 1.00% (lowest) to 100.00% (highest).

Too Small Squares

If your drawn square is too small (less than 50 pixels in width or height), the game will prompt you to “Make the square bigger!” This ensures you are practicing drawing sufficiently sized squares.

Tips for Drawing Better Squares

  1. Start Slow: When you start drawing, move the mouse slowly to maintain better control over the shape.
  2. Use a Guide: Imagine a grid or use the edges of the canvas to help align your drawing.
  3. Practice Consistency: Consistent practice will improve your muscle memory, making it easier to draw accurate shapes over time.
  4. Check Proportions: Try to keep the horizontal and vertical lines of your square as equal in length as possible.
  5. Smooth Movements: Avoid jerky or abrupt movements to keep the lines straight and even.


The Square Drawing Game is a fantastic way to challenge your precision and improve your drawing skills. Whether you’re an artist looking to refine your skills or just someone who enjoys a good challenge, this game is perfect for you. So, grab your mouse and start drawing the perfect square today!

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