Wet Bulb Temp Calculator

Wet Bulb Temperature Calculator

Wet Bulb Temperature Calculator


Wet-bulb temperature is a critical concept in meteorology and climatology, providing insights into humidity, heat stress, and environmental conditions. This blog post explores the Stull Formula Wet Bulb Calculator, a tool designed to calculate this vital measurement accurately.

Understanding Wet-Bulb Temperature

Wet-bulb temperature is measured by wrapping a moist cloth around the bulb of a thermometer and measuring the temperature as water evaporates. Unlike the dry-bulb temperature, which is a straightforward air temperature reading, wet-bulb temperature reflects both air temperature and humidity, offering a true measure of the atmospheric conditions.

The Stull Formula Explained

The Stull formula is a method to approximate wet-bulb temperature from air temperature and relative humidity. Developed by Roland Stull, it simplifies the calculation by using a set of meteorological data and empirical relationships. The formula is expressed as:

Tw​​b =


+ 0.00391838*(RH^3)^0.5)*arctan(0.023101*RH)


+ arctan(T+RH)


Practical Applications of Wet-Bulb Temperature

Wet-bulb temperature is pivotal in several fields:

  • Weather Forecasting: It helps in predicting heatwaves and cold spells.
  • Health and Safety: It’s crucial for assessing heat stress in humans and animals, particularly during heatwaves.
  • Industry: In agriculture, it aids in irrigation planning and crop management, while in sports, it helps in planning for athlete safety during outdoor events.

How to Use the Stull Formula Wet Bulb Calculator

Using the Stull Formula Wet Bulb Calculator involves inputting the air temperature and relative humidity. The calculator then computes the wet-bulb temperature using the Stull formula. Here’s a simplified process:

  1. Enter the air temperature (in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  2. Input the relative humidity (as a percentage).
  3. The calculator will display the wet-bulb temperature.

Advantages of Using the Stull Formula Calculator

This calculator offers accuracy and ease of use, making complex meteorological calculations accessible to everyone. Its reliability makes it a preferred choice for quick and accurate weather-related computations.

Limitations and Considerations

While the Stull formula is robust, it has limitations, especially in extremely dry or humid conditions where direct measurement might be more accurate. Users should be aware of these constraints and consider them when interpreting results.


The Stull Formula Wet Bulb Calculator is an invaluable tool for meteorologists, health professionals, and anyone needing to assess environmental heat stress accurately. By understanding and utilizing this tool, one can make informed decisions in weather forecasting, health and safety protocols, and industry practices.

References and Further Reading

To delve deeper into the subject, consider exploring meteorological textbooks, research papers on the Stull formula, and resources on wet-bulb temperature applications in various fields.






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